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escape with your senses

Come enjoy the fragrance that is taking the world by storm.  Freshino... The perfect blend of fresh scents for any and all occasions.  Home smelling a little damp, or pet odors lingering throughout your hallways...No worries, their is a Freshino fragrance for that.  Cigar or cigarette smoke ruining the mood?  No worries, there's a scent for that! This portable product is a great fit for that stinky gym bag.  When your car is looking great and you want that clean smell... You've guessed it, there is a scent for that.  The founders of Freshino Air Freshener have created a brand with your needs in mind.  


In addition to the great smell, Freshino Scents are versatile.  You can spray or burn this oil based product to enrich the air of your home, office, basement, car etc.  You will be delighted with the smell!  Experience the air freshener that consumers, retailers, and businesses can't get enough of.  Just one pump and within seconds the air around you becomes amazingly sweeter and it will last for hours!  Order Freshino Air Freshener and Burnng Oil for yourself, family and friends TODAY!  This product makes for a great fundraiser. JUST ASK HOW!!

Fresh Scent

Lavender Scent

Mango Twist

Tropical Burst

Purple Reign

Clean Scent

Odor Killer

Choose Your Scent!

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freshino scents


4 pk

Freshino scents


12 pk

freshino scents


50 pk

freshino scents


100 pk

freshino scents


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